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Find Price History of AliExpress Products

Tracking the Price History of AliExpress Products is always worthwhile. It’s a perfect way to save your money while shopping from AliExpress. There are frequent price changes on Aliexpress. And there are no in-built tools to be found in AliExpress. So we generally use third-party tools to track prices of AliExpress products.

How Price Monitoring helpful in AliExpress

Firstly we have to understand that sellers on AliExpress are not selling unique products. many sellers have the same supplier. Most of the sellers have the same products, from children toys to smartphone. But the price they sell is different from each other. So this is the main reason why it is important to track price history of AliExpress products.

But don’t think think that its too smooth. In AliExpress you will see there are several products from the different sellers with the same name, but there is no guarantee that the quality of the products are same. The supplier and the manufacturers are different but at the same time there must be a fake product as well.

Alright, so you don’t need to worry about there are lots of ways to track the price changes of the particular seller, and the benefit you know already.

AliExpress Price Tracker, AliExpress Price checker, AliExpress Price history, Price History of Aliexpress Products

Price Changes on AliExpress – How to track?

Today there are many browser extensions, web resources, and web application to track price history of AliExpress products. By which you can track AliExpress product prices, along with that they will also notify when the product prices drops.

One of the best site to perform this action is AliExpress price tracker. The process is quite simple. Just you have to copy the product link from the AliExpress product page and paste the same link into the text field given in the page. After that click on the search button it will fetch the price history data for that specific product.

When we talk about the browser extension, there is a great option is the Backit Plugin. This extension is supported in all the major web browsers. Including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Install the plugin in the extension shop, then click the ePN icon in your browser bar and register to a new account. Then you are all set!

Thanks to Backit Browser extension, you will not only track the price history of AliExpress products, you will also be able to find the similar offers from other verified sellers.

So as we already discussed that Don’t be in a hurry to run to the seller after finding that selling in a minimum price. Its always better to do a through research, read the seller reviews, check the reputation. Carefully read the description of the proposal, its features and all.

Extensions & websites are good way to avoid fake sales, where the seller first raises prices and then lowers them under the guise of a promotion.


Tracking price history of AliExpress Products is the great way to save money while shopping from AliExpress. Along with that we have to also take care of the product reviews and description to save yourself from fake products and fake sellers in AliExpress.