faster Shipping in AliExpress

How to Get Faster Shipping in AliExpress

Alright, so before ordering from AliExpress many people have that fear not for the quality or service of the product instead they have the fear of the waiting time. This is what we got to know from the data. In this article, we’ll cover the reasons why your product is delivering late and how you can accelerate the delivery process.

10 Ways to Get Faster Shipping on AliExpress

The method you choose for shipping is the main reason for the shipping speed. As the thumb rule there at two reasons that can impact delivery time.

  1. Delivery Method: Sea the slowest, air & road. Air shipping is the fastest shipping method, while sea shipping is the slowest.
  2. Delivery Service: Another important thing to choose is the delivery service.

So, let’s have a look at how you can speed up the delivery of your product, considering the above factors.

1. Buy from Warehouses and local suppliers

Always before ordering consider ordering from local suppliers that can ship your product to your country’s warehouse.

So, the next question will come. How to find local suppliers? For example, if you are looking for USA, you need to view products from the mall section, or you can apply the filter “Ship from” while searching for the products.

faster Shipping in AliExpress

But it’s always better to do a double check, cause some sellers sometimes do unethical things and ship the products from China to get more orders. So even when it’s saying “Ship from the US” on the product page, you can talk to the supplier and make sure that the product comes from your country.

2. Find the product listings that are “VIP”

VIP labeled are the AliExpress product pages, usually created by the suppliers for the drop shippers.

AliExpress suppliers create the VIP pages because, as drop shippers, are likely to become regular customers if you sell with the dropshipping process. This means a VIP page is your privilege as a regular customer over the ordinary one-time customer.

faster Shipping in AliExpress

If you place an order from the VIP page you will get extra privileges as some of the suppliers give your order higher priority, which confirms that it will reduce your order processing time. Your order will be shipped through special shipping methods.

On the other hand, VIP pages offer you products at lower prices, and vendors are not going to add any extra promotions or invoices to the package, which will be beneficial for you.

3. Look for the best shipping method for your country

Many suppliers in AliExpress offer a whole list of the shipping methods possible. AliExpress platform itself calculates the delivery time, but sometimes the estimated time is inaccurate and it will take more time than estimated.

The common delivery method shows an expected delivery time of 20 to 40 days. However, often there are two identical periods of 20 to 40 days side by side, but the delivery methods are different. In that case, which one would you choose?

faster Shipping in AliExpress

It’s better to check all the options based on your experience. Sometimes it may also happen that AliExpress standard shipping is a better choice. If still, you are confused about which delivery options are better to choose then in that case, look into the reviews from the other customers from the same country. So that you have some idea of which shipping does a great job.

4. Check the processing time

Always check another important fact before ordering from AliExpress, is some supplies quickly process your order and ship it within 1 or 2 days, while other suppliers take about 1 week to review and ship your order.

faster Shipping in AliExpress

So always, choose the one with the shorter processing and delivery time.

5. Check Suppliers Feedback

faster Shipping in AliExpress

As we all know reviews are important for everything, Reading reviews will save you time and money. Always get some time to read the seller reviews before proceeding.

6. Check Ranking of the Suppliers

Before ordering the products always check the rating of multiple suppliers and their store. If you can see that the delivery speed is below 4 points, then always avoid buying from that seller. Most likely he is delaying in sending the goods.

faster Shipping in AliExpress

AliExpress has a built-in system to check the rating and shipment times of the suppliers listed on the AliExpress platform. through which you can check between the different vendors and check the processing time of the specific supplier. This prevents you from making the mistake of ordering from other vendors.

7. Message your Supplier before Ordering them

You can always negotiate with the supplier by asking some questions like, about the product discount and quality and you can also raise a question about if he can arrange the product faster. Some vendors agree and choose YunExpress or 4PX shipping methods, which is a great advantage.

faster Shipping in AliExpress

8. Look at weight & volume before deciding on fast shipping

When ordering heavy items, you should always take care of the delivery time, because it always depends on the volume of your purchase.

faster Shipping in AliExpress

9. Check whether the supplier offers to track information

Getting the Vendor who offers tracking information is highly beneficial because it makes of your purchase clear and understandable. When your vendor gives all the tracking information and links, you are calm and relaxed, because you know what’s going on.

faster Shipping in AliExpress

10. Choosing Appropriate Shipping options in AliExpress

There are some international postal companies, which include EMS and DHL. Their shipping prices are slightly on the steep side. But the price is justified by the fast delivery and guaranteed safety. The parcel will not be lost anywhere in the mail or on the way. Your parcel will be taken care of perfectly.

faster Shipping in AliExpress

Tracking Tool: AliExpress Price Tracker

Faster Shipping Benefits

Faster delivery will give a great shopping experience, no one wants to pay for the product and wait for the same product for a couple of weeks.

Faster delivery will have a positive impact on the conversion rate of the website. Delivering the product quickly and giving proper responses will convert the users and will get more customers.

Customers like the way they are treated by the suppliers during the whole process of ordering the product from AliExpress. If everything goes smoothly it will leave a positive impact and Increases customer loyalty.

While shopping if a customer likes the product, and due to slow shipping the customer is not going to buy the product, and it will remain in storage. When the seller ships the product quickly, the users will always love to order which will reduce inventory in the Storage.

Wrap up

It’s not easy to find a good supplier with a fast processing time that sells the best product at reasonable rates. However, always remember that it’s not impossible at the same time.

So, by using the points mentioned above, you can always choose the better supplier and fastest delivery option from AliExpress.