Unveiling 9 Factors Behind the Affordable Pricing on AliExpress

Unveiling 9 Factors Behind the Affordable Pricing on AliExpress

have you ever thought of why AliExpress is so cheap? and how AliExpress manages to give such huge offers. It’s too good to be true, by the way, the truth will surprise you for sure.

AliExpress has already gained massive popularity as an online marketplace, where you can find almost everything at unbelievably cheap prices.

But do you know how exactly they manage to offer such low prices? It is because the quality is quality is compromised? Or are there other factors at play?

In this article will go deeper into the business strategy of AliExpress, and uncover the truth behind its low prices. So, if you are curious to know the hidden facts about AliExpress’s affordability, then keep reading this article to discover the facts.

What’s the Reason Behind the Affordable Prices on AliExpress?

AliExpress is famous for offering incredibly low prices on a wide range of products. From electronics to clothing to home goods, you will find almost everything at an affordable price. But have you wondered why AliExpress is so cheap?

In this article, we will discuss the key factors contributing to the affordability of the product prices on AliExpress. We’ll find out why things are cheap on AliExpress by looking at how they get products directly from makers and keep shipping costs low.

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1. Buying Directly from Manufacturers

Buying directly from manufacturers is one of the key reasons why is AliExpress so cheap. By cutting down the middleman and multiple intermediaries, costs can be significantly brought down, allowing the manufacturers to offer their products at lower prices.

If AliExpress sources the products directly that will eliminate the need for wholesalers. They often add their margin on the product’s price.

On the other hand, by purchasing the products directly from manufacturers, you can be assured of the product’s authenticity and quality. This direct collaboration between buyers and manufacturers not only contributes to affordable pricing but also contributes to efficiency and transparency.

Luckily, there are lots of trustworthy dropshipping suppliers, so you can be assured of the product’s authenticity and quality.

2. Low or Free Shipping Costs

AliExpress is famous for low shipping charges. So, AliExpress can do the same because of the subsidy provided by the Chinese government and their direct sourcing from the manufacturers.

The Chinese government is providing subsidies to shipping companies, such as China Post and Hong Kong Post, which allows them to offer lower rates for international shipping. So this is the answer to why AliExpress is so affordable.

Let’s take an example, whenever I buy a good from AliExpress, I always use the “Free Shipping” filter. As I want to skip the shipping costs. And, it will narrow down my search, and still I’ll get my desired product.

AliExpress Price Tracker, AliExpress Price checker, AliExpress Price history

AliExpress can offer cheaper shipping and faster delivery because they benefit from subsidies and have a well-organized supply chain.

3. Products Can Be Low Quality and Counterfeit

Remember, not everything that looks shiny is valuable. AliExpress may have cheap prices, but some people try to trick you by selling cheap and fake products.

That’s why it’s needed to exercise caution when shopping from AliExpress. The simplest way to ensure that you’re not falling victim to these fake products is by properly reading the reviews. This will give you a proper understanding of the quality of products and help you in making the proper decision.

To begin with, simply click on the seller’s name. From there you’ll be directed to the store. To ensure a smooth experience, Click on the feedback option. By clicking there you can access the seller’s reviews and by reviewing them you can make the decision.

AliExpress Price Tracker, AliExpress Price checker, AliExpress Price history

Feedback or reviews are the best indicators of the quality of the products and the seller’s reliability. If the seller is fraudulent or history of the same you can easily take the idea by going through the reviews and feedback.

Lastly, it’s a good idea not to buy expensive or famous brand items on AliExpress because they are often copied or fake products.

AliExpress Price Tracker, AliExpress Price checker, AliExpress Price history

4. A Platform With Lower Operational Costs

As we all know AliExpress operates primarily as an online platform, which means that it does not have the same overhead expenses as brick-and-mortar stores.

So, the lack of physical storefronts allows AliExpress to save on costs such as rent, utilities, and store maintenance. Additionally, AliExpress doesn’t maintain extensive inventories, as they communicate between buyers and sellers. So there are no warehouse expenses.

On the other hand, AliExpress is an online marketplace, it does not require staff as required in the physical stores. While traditional retailers need employees to staff cash registers, organize and restock shelves, and provide customer service in person, AliExpress relies on a small team to develop the automation for the platform.

5. Most Of The Suppliers Offer Bulk Discounts

As, AliExpress is selling the products in bulk the suppliers are offering the bulk discounts. So, if you as a dropshipper, want to purchase products in large quantities, you can take advantage of even lower prices. Also, these huge discounts are often clearly displayed on the product page, making it easy for you to see the potential savings on the go.

As an example, check this out. This price is for 60 pieces, and you have discounts listed right below the price.👇

AliExpress Price Tracker, AliExpress Price checker, AliExpress Price history

Additionally, if the lower price isn’t shown, you can talk to the seller to try and get an even better deal.

If you’re sure about using AliExpress for dropshipping, building good relationships with the suppliers there can help you get better prices and deals in the long run.

6. Manipulation Of The Currencies

AliExpress being affordable can be partly explained by the way China manages its currency. Currency manipulation means that China’s central bank intentionally takes actions to control the value of its currency.

This can impact the prices of products on AliExpress, making them more affordable. In simpler terms, China’s involvement in managing its currency plays a role in keeping prices on AliExpress lower compared to some other platforms.

China is famous for manipulating its currency, to gain a competitive advantage in the export market. By making its currency artificially low, china can make its products look cheaper when sold to foreign countries. This strategy allows Chinese manufacturers on AliExpress to sell the products at low prices.

So, with the artificially low currency, Chinese suppliers can source raw materials and production inputs at lower costs. When businesses find ways to save money, they can share those savings with people from other countries who buy things on AliExpress. This makes the products on AliExpress cost less for international customers.

7. Hidden Product Defects or Fake Promises

Defective products are one of the major concerns when purchasing products from AliExpress. These defects may be breakable buttons, stitching, or torn clothes.

But anyway, this kind of thing happens when you buy the products from the physical stores as well. On the other hand, AliExpress has a buyer protection program and a return and refund policy.

I always recommend you to carefully read the description and reviews before making a purchase to avoid falling victim to fake or low-quality products.

On the other hand, it’s really essential to properly research the seller’s reputation and carefully inspect the product photos and descriptions.

8. Businesses Utilise Economies of Scale

AliExpress can sell things for cheap because they do a lot of business. They sell millions of products, so the cost of things like running their website or paying employees gets spread out over all those sales. This makes it cheaper for them to sell each item.

Also, because they buy so much stuff from suppliers, they can get better deals. When you buy a lot of something, the supplier often gives you a discount. AliExpress gets these discounts because they buy in huge amounts. Then they pass those savings on to you by selling things cheaper.

In simple terms, AliExpress saves money by doing lots of business and buying in bulk, and they pass those savings on to you by selling things for less.

9. Aliexpress Is For The General Customers

AliExpress is a big online store where lots of different people can buy things. It’s not like other stores that sell fancy or special things. Instead, AliExpress sells lots of different stuff that’s not too expensive, so anyone can afford it. They have so many things for sale, from all different kinds of categories, that there’s something for everyone.

AliExpress Price Tracker, AliExpress Price checker, AliExpress Price history

AliExpress is a place where everyone, no matter where they come from, can find stuff that matches what they want and how much they can spend. It’s great for students who don’t have a lot of money and also for people who have jobs and want to save some cash.

You can buy things straight from the people who manufacture them, which usually makes them cheaper. So, whether you’re in school and need to save money or you’re working and want to get a good deal, AliExpress is a good option for finding what you need without spending too much.


It’s a big YES when it comes to ensuring the safety of the buyers, AliExpress knows the significance of safety. Therefore, AliExpress takes all the safety measures to safeguard the customers.

  • First, let’s talk about how AliExpress keeps your purchases safe. They have a program called buyer protection that’s like a safety net for what you buy. Here’s how it works: when you pay for something on AliExpress, your money is kept safe by AliExpress until you say you got the product and are happy with it.
  • Now, what if something goes wrong like you don’t get what you ordered or it’s damaged? Well, AliExpress gives you a way to solve these problems. You can open something called a dispute within a certain time if there’s an issue.
  • And here’s another important thing: AliExpress really wants to hear what you think about your shopping experience. They ask you to share your honest opinions and details about what you bought. This helps everyone trust each other more when they shop on AliExpress.

According to the newest information, AliExpress is doing really well in online shopping. It’s ranked as the 5th best in the category of online marketplaces, which means it’s one of the top places where people go to buy things online. Globally, it’s ranked at number 62, which shows that it’s popular all around the world. So, basically, a lot of people trust AliExpress and like to shop there.