Vissko Aroma Diffuser 180ML Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Cool Mist Maker Essential Oil Flame Lamp Difusors For Home

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Use caution
1. This is a diffuser, no need for any cotton swabs, you can add non-corrosive essential oils to diffuse the aroma.
2. Please make sure to use a 5V2A adapter for power supply, otherwise the circuit may be damaged.
3. Please make sure that the water level is below the MAX line, please do not let the water enter the ventilation duct, otherwise it may damage the circuit.
4. It is recommended to add essential oils. Please do not add perfume and cologne.
Power supply: plug in the USB cable (please use 5V2A for power supply)
Water tank capacity: 10ml
Atomization amount: 15-20ml/h
Use time: 9-12 hours
Products include
1. Diffuser*1
2. Instructions for Use*1
3. USB line*1