Shaver for Men USB Electric Shaver Powerful Beard Shaving Machine Electric Razor Rechargeable Waterproof

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1. Strong fit: 4D three-dimensional floating blade that fits the contours of the face.

2. Good shaving effect: Double ring veneer knife net, clean shaving without residue.

3. Strong comfort: Shaving while grinding makes shaving more comfortable.

4. Convenient to use: USB charging, can be used while charging.

5. Strong battery life: 1.5 hours of charging, with strong battery life. Two minutes of daily use can last for 30 days.


Function: Floating blade, veneer adjustment

Razor blade: rotating 3 blade

Cleaning method: detachable blade for water washing

Battery life: 45-60 minutes

Power supply mode: charging type

Maximum power: 3 watts

Motor type: Brushed motor

Is there a floating structure: Yes

Shell process: painting

Range: Over 60 minutes

Internal battery capacity: 500mAh to 800mAh (included)

Built in battery: Built in battery

Noise: below 36dB