Shaver Brand New Design Men Razor Shaving Five Layer Shaver Reusable Razor Imported Blade

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• Five-layer design for a close shave :The razor’s five-layer design ensures a smooth and close shave, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

• Reusable and eco-friendly :This razor is reusable, making it an eco-friendly option for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

• Imported blade for a high-quality shave :The razor’s imported blade ensures a high-quality shave, providing a smooth and efficient experience.

• Suitable for male body grooming :This razor is designed for male body grooming, making it a versatile tool for men who want to maintain a clean and groomed appearance.

Product characteristics:

5-layer blade. It is the razorwith possibility of changingknife head. It is the plastic anti-skid blade in hand, knife head leakage design is convenient to clean. Itcan replace knife head and male and female can shave. It can be used for shaving axillary hair, leg hair and so on.


Size: 23*12cm(about 0.5cm error)


Material:TPR + PP

Weight:96g(about 5g error)

Packing:Opp bag


Package included: 1 handle + 8 knife heads

Reminder: The replacement cycle varies from person to person because of the use of the situation and personal habits.


It is the pure manual measurement. Dfferent measurement methods have some errors. All arebased on the real object.