New Seven Color Flame Aromatherapy Machine 3D Simulation Flame Automatic Aromatherapy Machine USB Home Bedroom Small Humidifier

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Product parameters
Product Name: DQ705 Flame Aromatherapy Machine
Product color: Off white/black
Product Material: ABS/PP/AS/Electronic Components
Product selling points
Simulate flame lighting effects; Colorful lighting with adjustable colors; PP material water tank can add essential oil aromatherapy atomization; Two levels of flame light brightness can be adjusted; Built in intelligent chip for water shortage and power outage protection.
Product operation instructions
Aromatherapy function: Add water to the water tank (not exceeding the water level line), add an appropriate amount of essential oil, long press the switch button, turn on aromatherapy atomization, and at the same time turn on the flame atmosphere light; Press and hold again to stop working.
Colorful lighting function: when the spray is on, press the switch button briefly to turn on the colorful atmosphere lights; Short press again to hold onto the changing color; Short press again to turn off the ambient light.
Protection function: Built in water shortage protection chip, automatically stops working after detecting no water;