New Mini Portable Electric Usb Rechargeable Shaver Mens Razor Portable Waterproof Razor Travel Goods Waterproof Onboard

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• Portable and Compact :The mini size of this razor makes it easy to carry around, perfect for travel or on-the-go use.

• USB Rechargeable :No need to worry about replacing batteries, simply plug in the razor and charge it via USB for convenience.

• Waterproof :This razor is designed to be used in the shower or bath, making it a great option for men who prefer to shave while wet.

• One Unit :There’s no need to worry about multiple parts or pieces, this razor comes as a single unit for easy use and storage.

Item description


1.Exquisite craftsmanship, compact body. low noise duringoperation,and quick shave

2.3D suspension shaving, the knife net and trimmer aresuspended independently. and the shave is cleaner

3. Sturdy stainless steel bodv. durable. 5W powerful power

4.Built-in 200 mAh high-capacity battery, charging for 40 minutes be used for 40 minutes

5.The Knife head can be washed with water, making cleaningmore convenient

Product parameters:

Colour: Black

Power: 2W

Cleaning method: The Knife head can be washed with water

Use time: 40 minutes

Size: 7.45*4.4*4.38cm