KISMIMS 2IN1 Electric Men’s Razor, Nose Hair Trimmer, Mini Razor, Women’s Razor, Temples Hair Trimmer

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Product Description:

Material: ABS

Type: Prosper

Color: white, black, blue

Size: 15 cm


1. Suitable for trimming the nose/trimming the eyebrow/trim the ear/trimming hair.

2. This product is a 360 -degree circular independent

which can be separated and cleaned.

3. This product is easy to carry, longevity, high -speed charging, economy and environmental protection.

4. Use USB multifunctional intelligence and fast charging.

Including: 1PC nose hair pruning, 1PC shaving head

1 brush

1 USB charging cable



Please make the product unable to touch the child!


Packing list:

1PC trimmer


cutting machine,