Kefine Klanar 14.5mm Planar Driver IEM Hi-Fi Wired Earphone Earbuds Ergonomic Design With Detachable Cable 7hz Seeaudio



Compacted design for comfortable wearing:

It is the smallest desgin after putting the 14.5mm planar driver in the housing, so as to make the most comfortable wearing.

Natural & warm sound for enduring listening:

Klanar is made of 14.5mm planar driver, and it is a versatile performer and good for listening all genres of music. The sound is well balanced. It is emotional and natural, making acoustic instruments sound life-like and highly musical.

The PET composite diaphragm, N55 magnet and customized driver construction make bass more powerful than most planar IEMs. Mid is warm and rich, but also clean and detailed, which makes immersive listening experience.

Treble is smooth and not harsh, so it is very good for long time listening without fatigue.

Soundstage is wide and fun. Because of high sensitivity and low impedance, Klanar is very easy to drive.

Exquisite craftsmanship:

The earphone housing is made by 5-axis CNC precise machining out of a single piece of aluminum alloy, to make the high end looking and precise chamber for accurate sound.

CNC machining is also the best craftmanship to ensure the smallest size and lightest weight. It ensures the wearing is the most comfortable for longer listening.

The earphone housing is matt finishing with black anodizing. combined with a faceplate in glossy black finishing engraved by white logo, which makes a high end and classic looking.

Premium cable:

This is dual wire cable design. It is made of OFC litz wire (brown) and silver plated copper litz wire (black), which helps to make warm sound and smooth treble at the same time. It makes the sound natural but with great clarity.

It is with 7.8mm 2-pin detachable cable design. 3.5mm Single end and 4.4mm balanced connectors are available.

There are 4 wires for the cable. Each wire consists of 54 cores of conductors, so totally there are 216 (54×4) cores of conductors for the whole cable, which ensures high quality of sound transmission.