Game Controller Model USB 2.0Flash Drives 64GB Mini Cartoon Pen Drive 32GB Creative Gift for Kids Pendrive16GB 8GB Free Chain

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About capacity:

8GB =7.4GB-7.8GB
16GB =14.2GB-15GB
32GB =28GB-30GB
64GB =58GB-60GB
128GB =110GB-120GB"

Vendors are using decimal arithmetic Flash memory:1 MB=1000 KB,1G=1000 MB

Operating system calculated with binary arithmetic:1 MB=1024KB,1 GB=1024 MB:

There are some differences between the display capacity and nominal capacity of flash memory products"

This is calculation difference between manufacturer and your PC,please Google"Memory card capacity"to get more information.Your PC says 1GB = 1.073741824 Billion bytes where Market Defines 1 GB = 1.00 Billion bytes.The pursuit of the perfect person is not recommended to buy.


"Storage capacity: 4/8/16/32/64/128GB

Interface:USB 2.0

Ambient temperature:-40C – +70C

Storage temperature:-50°C-+80°C

USB service voltage:4.5V-5.5V

Storage life:more than 10 years

Use Class A chip,can be erased multiple times for 100,0000 times

Operating system:Win98/ME/2000/XP/ Vista/win7 /win8,Mac OS 9.X/ Linux2.4 or higher

USB connection:Support Hot plug & Play,

Easy to read and read in high speed,no drive/power supply needed just connect,"