Family Use Classical Silent Disco Complete System Wireless Headphones UHF-6 – (4 Classical Receivers + 3 Transmitters)

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Silent Disco complete system


1. The perfect system for Party, Home, School, Work and AV.
2.Fast connection to TV, music, laptops or games consoles.
3.With 2 or 3 channels means different audio for your option.
4. Quite easy to use. Quite easy to carry with for the foldable design.
5. 2 x AAA batteries power supply, it just work.
6.Endless headphones can be added together.
7.Advanced 40mm speakers provide a well-balanced, high definition sound.
8.The headphone will automatically mute after 5m if without signal.

9. With quite far distance 200m, great for silent party,meeting,yoga,education,broadcasting, tourism and so on.

  • System: UHF/RF

  • Modulation & Mode: FM Stereo

  • S/N ratio: ≥75dB

  • Channel separation: >35dB

  • Distortion: <1%

  • Frequency response: 30 – 20,000Hz

  • Power supply of headphone: 2*AAA batteries

  • Power supply for transmitter: DC12V mains power adapter( Global standard)

* LED power light

The small single LED indicator light that displays the channel you’re listening to whilst still remaining discreet.

* Easy expansion:

You can add more transmitters for extra channels of music (up to 3), or extra headphones for more guests (unlimited). It all works instantly – even different types of silent disco headphones can be used together.

*Almost all audio equipments can connect to the transmitter. Compatable with ipod, dj, Xbox, TV and so on

*Sparkling LED blue lights on the transmitter flashing to the beat of the music

*Power saving mode

Our all headphones will automatically switch off after 5 minutes of not receiving any broadcasted audio which saves their batteries and makes it quick to pack away at the end of your event.

* Just need 2 x AAA batteries to avoid the fall of charging with our easy-to-change battery powered headphone's – ready for action whenever you need them.

*Auxiliary socket

When not at a Silent Disco, you can use a 3.5mm Jack Cable to connect our headphone to your phone and use it as a standard pair of headphones

*Transmit audio signal about 200M, through walls, floors and ceilings. Widely used for silent party, conference, yoga, education, broadcasting, tourism and so on

  • 4 x Wireless Disco Folding Headphones

  • 3x Transmitters(support 3 audios working at a time)

  • 6 xAudio Cables (3 xRCA/3 x3,5mm)

  • 3 x Mains Adapter (UK/Euro/USA/Oz)

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