Explosive Double Moving Coil Headphones In Ear Subwoofer Cross Border Wire Controlled Fever Hifi Headphones With Shocking Sound

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• Explosive Double Moving Coil :The double moving coil design delivers a powerful and immersive sound experience.

• In-ear Style :The in-ear style provides a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring that the headphones stay in place during physical activities.

• Volume Control :The volume control allows you to adjust the sound level to your preference, without having to reach for your device.

• Wired Communication :The wired communication ensures a stable and uninterrupted connection, eliminating any lag or delay in the audio signal.


Product Name: Dual Dynamic Wired Earphones

Wearing method: In ear style

Plug diameter: 3.5mm

Sound production principle: coil iron

Plug type: straight in type

Colors: white, black, gold, red


1. Earphones should be kept away from magnetic fields, otherwise the magnetic properties of the unit will decrease, and over time, the sensitivity will decrease.

2. Ensure that the headphone grille is clean and do not expose the unit to excessive dust.

3. The earphones should be kept away from moisture, otherwise the solder pads inside the earphone unit will rust, increase resistance, and cause the earphones to be biased.

4. Before use, make sure to turn down the volume of the audio source device, otherwise the light case may break the membrane wrinkles, and the heavy case may burn the sound coil of the earphone.

5. Gold plated plugs are very helpful in reducing impedance, as excessive wear can lead to changes in sound quality.

6. After using the earphones, wipe off any sweat or other debris from the earphone wires, otherwise it may cause the wires to age and eventually cause seams or fractures.

7. The earphones cannot withstand falls and sudden high-altitude pulling, which can cause significant damage to the earphone's voice coil, diaphragm, and wires.

8. During use, the earphone cable should be avoided as much as possible due to pulling, heavy pressure, and other damage.

9. When winding, be careful not to break the wire, but to use a certain arc to avoid wire breakage.

10. Earphones are personal items, and it is best not to use them for communication. After using them for communication, it is important to clean them thoroughly and pay attention to earplugs.