ENCHEN Electric Shaver 3D Blackstone 3 IPX7 Waterproof Razor Wet And Dry Dual Use Face Beard Battery Digital Display For Men

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• Dual Use (Wet and Dry) :The ENCHEN Electric Shaver can be used both in the shower and dry, making it convenient for all your grooming needs.

• Digital Display :The built-in digital display shows the battery level, so you always know when it’s time to recharge.

• 3D Blackstone 3 IPX7 Waterproof :The shaver’s 3D Blackstone 3 IPX7 waterproof design ensures a smooth and close shave, even when used in the shower.

• Rotary Razor :The rotary razor provides a precise and efficient shave, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft.

ENCHEN Blackstone 3 Electric Shavers for Men Face Shaver with Popup Trimmer Rechargeable Wet & Dry Dual Use IPX7 Waterproof

Main Features:

● Intelligent display design.

● IPX7 waterproof, washable body, wet and dry dual use.

● 3D independent floating cutter head, 1/3 shaving area more than normal double-head shaver.

● Ultra-thin double-ring cutter net increases the contact area between the net and the face, improving the shaving efficiency.

● Automatic sharper cutters are made of stainless steel and are durable.

● 5W strong power, 67dB low noise.

● Smart anti-pinch beard, prevent motor overload.

● Smart lock, one-button lock prevents accidental opening.

● Charging for 2 hours, lasting more than 150 minutes.

● Type-C USB charging interface.


1. Model: ENCHEN BlackStone 3

2. Material: ABS + Stainless Steel

3. Blade: Stainless Steel

4. Operation Type: Electric

5. Features: 3D floating three razor head

6. Use Condition: Dry, Wet

7. Power (W): 5W

8. Voltage: 5V

9. Cleaning: Washable

10. battery capacity (mAh): 1400mAh

11. Frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz

12. Product Size (L X W x h): 15.50X5.10×5.10×5.10cm /6.1×2.01 inches


1. Razor blades are consumables, it is recommended to buy spare blades.

2. For those with long beards, you can trim with a pop-up blade and then shave with a razor, otherwise you will pull the beard.