550 500 400 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain Remote Control Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Cool with 7 Color LED Light

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This product does not have a built-in battery, you need to plug in a USB cable when using it.

The batteries of 400ML and 550ML remote controllers may be different.
(The 400ML uses a small battery and the 550ML uses a large button battery. If you don't know, you can ask the customer service to take pictures.)
(It is changed for the purpose of differentiation. It was the same before)

The packaging uses an air column bag, no box.

The remote control needs to be inserted into batteries.(The remote control itself does not include batteries.)

The appearance of 500ML and 400ML are roughly the same, but the internal capacity is different.

The humidifier has wood grain, and the 400ML black wood grain humidifier has a significant color difference compared to the picture. The actual color will be lighter. If you mind, you can contact customer service for a photo.

The cover of 400ml–Mode B is separate. This is the design of the product itself.
If you don't like it, you can choose 500ML–Mode B

Light button LIGHT

Press the first click: the lights are constantly colorful (red, orange, yellow, green,Cyan, blue, purple, white, red cycles)

Press the second time: the light is locked in the current color. After that, every time you press-down, Transform-A color until the light is turned off.

Keep pressing for a long time: the lights are turned off directly

Spray button MIST

Press the first click: enter the atomization function, the corresponding indicator light is on. Turn on 1 hour timing continuous atomization mode.

Press the second time: the corresponding indicator light is on and the time is turned on for 3 hours Continuous atomization mode.

Press the third time: the corresponding indicator light is on and the 6-hour timing is turned on Continuous atomization mode.

Press the fourth time: the corresponding indicator light is on and continuous atomization is turned on Mode.

Press the fifth time: atomization function stops, indicator light goes out, color The lights remain in their original state.