2G Fingerprint Encryption Solid State USB Flash Drive1TB/512GB/256GB Protection Data Privacy Usb флешка Pendrive



Dear users,

We are very proud to introduce to you our latest product – a fingerprint encrypted solid state USB flash drive second generation. On the basis of the first generation of products, we continue to upgrade and improve the technology, in order to bring better user experience.

First, in terms of speed, the product's read and write speed is 50 percent higher than the first generation product, which means you can transfer data and files much faster. Secondly, in terms of temperature, we reduce the calorific value of the whole equipment to ensure that long-term use will not overheat and affect your data security. Finally, in the aspect of appearance design, we maintain the CNC process of the first generation of products, making the whole equipment more beautiful and durable.

In addition, the product also has a very important feature – fingerprint encryption. It can make your data more secure, prevent criminals by stealing your data caused by property loss and privacy disclosure problems. As long as you use your fingerprint to easily unlock the device, let your data security worry free.

We believe that this USB disk will become an essential partner in your life, providing you with better data storage and transmission experience. Thank you for your patience and look forward to providing you with better service.


Product description:


Color: Dark grayish blue

Weight: 16-20g

Size: 69 x 17 x 7mm

Main control chip: MAS1102B

Bridge products: INICS3639EN-FL / INICS3639PN-FL

Fingerprint master: INIC3782

Interface Type: Type-A and Type-C

Interface speed: USB3.2 (Gen2 / 5Gbps)

Material: Aluminum alloy (CNC)

Capacity: 128GB / 265GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB

Compatible system: HarmonyOS / Wiindows7/8/10 / MAC OS10.3 / Android / IpadOS (TypeC Interface)